How to Save Money As a Student & Be Free


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As a scholar, applying financial management tips could help you understand how to save money as a student and be free from debt.

For the working and business class, saving money can be less tedious than for the student. This article seeks to give enlightenment on how to save money as a student and be free from debt.  


The best way to make life more comfortable as a student is to maintain your bank balance in green figures. It might be a difficult task but it will be the best odd out.  

The number one secret to saving money as a student is learning how to manage your income. You can do this by reading and researching personal finance tips

According to a survey conducted, it was gathered some students live extravagantly when they have enough money in their bank balance.

This same student goes borrowing or demanding when the money in the balance is exhausted. This is not a good idea because as a student having limited chances of earning you need to know how to save money.  Below are some tips to help you:

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How to save money as a student

1. Apply financial management tips

Not everyone is literate in financial matters but in matters of savings, it becomes a basic everyone should learn.  At this point, every student should understand the simple method of making a budget before spending.

This simply means understanding the overall money in your bank balance and then mapping out a certain amount to spend on a particular issue.

When making a list of what you intend to spend, if the money on your budget does not comply with the items on the list then you need to adjust some items to suit the expected budget.

However, you must not be an economics student before understanding financial management tips.  

2. Utilize the opportunity of being a student

There are many services offered for free in many universities and colleges. For instance, offering free transport from your lodging apartment to your lecture hall.

So, rather than taking a private taxi and paying for it, you can choose free transport. In some cases, you are offered a fee hostel for lodging rather than looking for houses to rent and pay dues.

You can also have access to free basic amenities within your lodging environment. It is not that everything has to be free but you may be given a discount on some things.

Although you have your life to live, you can choose to live in luxury.  Here we are more concerned about how to save money as a student and avoid the fears of debt.  

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3. Learn to cook your meals8

Learn to cook every meal you eat rather than hoping to always spend money in the school restaurant. You can always go to the market to buy your groceries and prepare meals yourself.

Then as for those foods and drinks you cannot prepare yourself you can try buying them occasionally outside. Due to their high cost, buying them frequently may not help your saving potential.


For instance, soft drinks, ice cream, and cakes, although you can still prepare any of these can cost much.

4. Don’t spend too much on fashion

As normally the trend in most colleges and universities, everyone wants to be up-to-date when it comes to fashion. You will be spending a lot if you follow the trend.

The best you can do is to wait for promos and deals when prices slash. You will need to keep track of the company that gives these services.

Those companies usually have Promo, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. This is when you can buy your clothes, shoes, and other fashions at a lesser price than buying at shopping malls.


5. Cut down on communication bills

Students do make calls and search the internet for information and these can make a student spend more money.

Making calls, especially to your loved ones will help you keep the relationship alive. However, in doing this you do not need to spend much as we are now in the era of digitalization.

You have other means of communication that can save you money. For instance, we have a chatting App, Facebook Messenger, where you can make calls or chat for a long time at a much-reduced cost.

You can also cut down on television and electricity bills if you are the type that socializes with other students. You can contribute money together to pay bills and put up these mediums.

6. You can be more economical

Being economical simply means spending less of the available resource. This does not mean you should skip making expenses but avoid making expensive choices where you have other alternatives.

That notwithstanding, you still need to compare those options and choose the more beneficial one.

7. Take care of your tuition materials

Among the many expenses you will be making as a student your reading and writing materials are the most important. Still, you do not need to spend much on them.

Learn to borrow textbooks from the library to write your assignments and projects. You can as well rent old books and rather than neglect the old used ones, you can rent or sell them out.  

The bottom line

The most overwhelming period in a student’s life is when funds are not available to buy groceries and solve tutorial needs. The worse may come when some fees that demand immediate payment are not paid.

This situation calls attention to the importance of understanding personal finance management. Learning to save from the available funds to make ends meet is a way of helping yourself avail financial shortage.

It can be very stressful to manage tutorials and at the same time be in lack financially. You may not concentrate because you will be struggling to achieve success and at the same time dealing with worries.   

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