What is the 60/30/10 Budget Rule all about?

60/30/10 Budget rule

The 60/30/10 budget rule is an effective type of budget that uses percentages to stipulate how you can allot your various expenses into three categories. It could help you regulate how you conduct your expenses. This budget rule also means tracking or keeping a record of your regular spending. It is one realistic method of … Read more

10 Types of Personal Budgets to Know

Types of Personal Budgets

The traditional budget is the most common and simple types of personal budgets every individual uses but they are also other types you should know. If you have created several personal budgets and each time unable to meet your financial goals. Then it means you have all along created the wrong type of personal budget. … Read more

How to Create a Personal Budget in 8 Ways

Create a personal budget

To develop an effective financial plan you will need to create a personal budget. The process involves calculating your overall income and estimating your expenses. It is a powerful tool that can help you to achieve financial goals. In the world of finance, budget has become a household issue. Every individual, company, and government creates … Read more

30 Financial Analyst Interview Questions

Financial Analyst Interview Questions

In this article, we have enlisted 30 financial analyst interview questions which also include answers. This is to help an individual who is aspiring to build a career as a financial analyst. In our previous article on “how to become a financial analyst” we enlisted what is required to become one. Now if we assume … Read more

10 Effective Saving Money Challenges to Try

Saving Money Challenges

The two effective methods you can use in conducting saving money challenges are either a piggy bank or a savings bank account. They are both fun and suitable to use when conducting saving money challenges, they can also help you grow financially. Previously, we have written two articles that have a reflection on this present … Read more

What Does a Financial Analyst Do: 10 Roles?

What Does a Financial Analyst Do?

One crucial role of a financial analyst is to conduct financial data analysis. This role involves providing insights into a client or organization’s financial performance, new changes, and what next to expect. If you are looking to hire someone to take charge of your financial activities, then you might think of a professional. Among all … Read more

How to Become a Financial Analyst: 10 Steps

How to Become a Financial Analyst

Taking the steps on how to become a financial analyst is not one that happens swiftly.  It takes some gradual steps of continuous learning and professional development. Even when you finally become one, you still need to stay connected with daily information on trends within your industry. Who is a Financial Analyst? A financial Analyst … Read more

The Main Goal of Personal Financial Planning

The Main Goal of Personal Financial Planning

Keep in mind that the main goal of personal financial planning is to ensure a future of financial freedom. When analyzing the goals of personal financial planning you ask questions, such as Why are you controlling every aspect of your financial life? Perhaps you may just earn and spend money without having any strategic ways … Read more

RETIREMENT PLANNING: A Guide To Secure Your Financial Future 

RETIREMENT PLANNINING; A Guide To Secure Your Financial Future

How will you feel to see that you can secure your financial future through Retirement Planning?  Yeah, everyone (including you) wants to create a financial plan that will assist or support their lifestyle and expenses in the future…, that is, after they have retired from their job career. I am sure you also want that.  … Read more