How to Set a New Investing Strategy In 2024

Investing Strategy

If your approach towards achieving your goals in the previous year failed then you need to revise your old strategy and set a new investing strategy as you enter 2024. It may not be necessary to set a new investing strategy if you are already succeeding with the old plan. This is because the main … Read more

Top 10 Benefits of Investing In Stocks

Benefits of Investing In Stocks

The benefits of investing in stocks cannot be overemphasized they are more than its detriments. With stock investing, you can earn regularly, build your savings, and achieve future goals. ¬†Stock is a profitable investment that will earn you profit if you understand how to diversify your investments. The stock market also adds more benefits to … Read more

Common vs. Preferred Stock: How They Differ

Common vs. Preferred Stock

The main differences between common vs. preferred stock lies in the investors intention, how they receive profit, and the various risks involved. In our previous article, we discussed that among the different types of stocks issued by a company, the two outstanding ones are common stock and preferred stock.  However, any investor who understands this … Read more

10 Different Types of Stocks Available

Types of Stock

If you are planning to invest in stock, keep in mind that the two main types are common stock and preferred stock. Nevertheless, if you conduct some research and findings, you will also learn about other different types of stocks available to purchase. This is very important because it will enable you to understand completely … Read more

How to Invest in Stock: Beginners guide

How to Invest in Stock

Are you planning to establish an investment and among the various types, you have chosen stock investment? Then as a beginner you must learn how to invest in stock, this is the first step to take. Let us understand what stock is According to Collins Dictionary, Stocks are shares in the ownership of a company … Read more

How to Get Funding From Angel Investors

How to Get Funding From Angel Investors

A business owner having less capital at hand would want to know how to get funding from Angel investors. ¬†One way of doing this is to find and connect with investors. You will need to conduct thorough research before embarking on it. Carrying out some findings is the first step to take. This includes having … Read more

Angel Investor vs. Venture Capitalist: How They Differ

Angel Investor vs. Venture Capitalist

Angel Investor vs Venture Capitalist: in this article, we are going to compare the differences and also look at the resemblance. For most investment start-ups, sourcing funds could be challenging but they are two prominent ways to sort it out. Angel investors vs. venture capitalists, both provide funds to start-up firms at an early stage. … Read more

10 Best Long-Term Investment Strategies

Long-Term Investment Strategies

If you are planning to invest in financial assets with the intention to hold them for a longer period then you must apply a long-term investment strategy that works. There are several things that come to mind when the thought of making investment crisps into your mind. Among them is whether you are investing for … Read more

Investment Decision-Making Process

Investment Decision-Making Process

The process of starting any investment deal or committing any fund to a project begins with decision making. It involves making a critical plan of where and how to allocate fund. Finding out the various options available, market trends and risk associated with such investments. After the findings, it goes on to take the shape … Read more