10 Save Money Live Better Tips to Follow


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“Save money live better”. This is Walmart’s slogan emphasizing the need to offer low-cost on high-quality goods.

Walmart was trying to drive home an important message to clients. That offering them consistently low prices on assorted goods will further expand their money.


It will give them the opportunity to buy enough goods that will enable them to live the best life they deserve.

This slogan is a popular one and comes with interesting tips. One thing very significant is that even if you are not given a low price offer for goods you can still ask for a better bargain.

Getting a better cost price could help you save and have enough money to spend on other important things.

save better

Is save money live better worth it?

Yes, saving money is very important and sometimes you need to turn it into objectives. Doing so will help you understand that saving money can be fun rather than challenging. It becomes challenging when you have many bills to pay, groceries to buy, debts to offset, and other financial obligations.

But when you set objectives it becomes fun and exciting. One of the ways you can set goals is by putting Walmart’s slogan into practice.

Aside from purchasing quality goods at a low cost, below, are other ways to save money and live better.

1. Apply budgeting tips

Do you know you can save more money and live better if you always create a budget, like doing it monthly? A budget is a list of items you intend to spend with your income. There is always a great difference between an individual who chooses to make expenses right away and the one who creates a budget.

If you create a list of all the items you intend to purchase, the bills, and the debt to pay, you are also creating a means to track the record of your expenses.

With this, you could be able to monitor your spending and get the value of what you spend on. By budgeting, you could be able to economize your income.

You can also track market prices and know how to adjust your list in your next monthly budget. You can save more if after creating your list, you further analyze and adjust any unnecessary item that may cost much money.

2. Avoid or minimize debts

You cannot save money if you always live in debt, by this I mean if you owe on every occasion you will not live better. To avoid debt you should always pay with cash or credit card.

Sometimes you might be tempted to buy now and pay when the paycheck arrives. This is not advisable as it may lead you to cultivate the habit of buying now to pay in the future. When debts become your habit you may find out that you have no savings at all. You can follow these steps to avoid debt

* Be patient and wait for your earnings to arrive and when it comes plan and create a budget.

* Determine to live within your earnings by trying to avoid purchasing goods you cannot afford. While you make your budget keep in mind to prioritize your needs first.

*Do you know that setting financial goals can also help you stay out of debt? So go ahead and set goals, this can motivate you to save and avoid liability.


* You can periodically or as you wish seek financial management advice from advisors or experts to encourage you. This could help you live better.

* Most importantly you can conduct some findings and get additional means of income to substitute your present earnings. This will constantly keep money in your wallet.

3. Build an Emergency fund

Emergency funds are like personal savings, but in this regard, they are specifically reserved for any emergency or unbudgeted expenses. Most people who live better create an emergency fund which they resort to in times of financial difficulty.

Since an emergency fund is a special savings, it could solve a lot of problems. First, you could stay out of debt, second, you could have savings, and third, you could live better with it.

Sometimes you may imagine how you could build an emergency fund while having personal savings. You can create one by conducting a saving money challenge, using any method with a piggy bank.

4. Set realistic financial goals

Do you know that setting financial goals can help you save more money and you could attain a better life from it? How does this work? Sometimes people set goals but never realize them and push the blame on lack of finances.

Yes, your current financial situation might be poor but if you keep waiting for money you may never realize your goals.  

Now the solution is this, consider your income capacity and your various expenses and use the little you have to start. Put down your plan.

Make a determined move, and give your goals a time target by choosing a long-term strategy. Then because you do not have much keep to a strict spending by applying personal finance tips. Keep in mind the big-picture objectives you have and stay motivated. Your mission is to save more and live better.

5. Save to live better

This is another save money live better tips to follow. It is simply opening a savings account which may look like an emergency fund but it is not meant for any purpose.

You simply create this account and task yourself to consistently put out a certain percentage of your monthly earnings. Make a resolute effort to curtail expenses and also stick to your budget.

The only time you withdraw from this savings is when it seems you might go borrowing. So rather than borrow, you will withdraw to live better.

6. Adjust to frugal living

Sometimes people who resort to frugal living do not seem to live a better life. Hence frugal living means to deny yourself the habit of spending much money on yourself. However, you can limit yourself to a certain frugality because if you adjust too much you might look pitiable.

The secret to adjusting to frugal living in other to save more and live better is by setting goals. Once your goals are achieved you balance the situation and live better.


Since most of your spending’s generally involves making purchases, you can reduce most of the cost if you get a reduced price for them. You can also patronize high-quality upcoming brands to get an affordable price.

These could cost you less to save more. The less you spend and try to economize your available resources the more you save to have more to spend. The idea of save money, live better lies in having available cash when you want to make some necessary expenses.

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