How to Become a Financial Advisor: All You Need


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Are you seeking to become a financial advisor?

There are certain procedures you have to meet including attaining a degree of education. 


This article intends to give detailed information on those processes and all you need to know.

For a beginner, an immediate assumption of becoming a financial advisor may not be the best option. 

If you can create a vision about it all then strive to make it a reality. Aside from having academic qualities, you still need natural capabilities.

This inborn ability goes with patience and the ability to get your clients to trust you in handling their financial matters. 

Therefore, we have listed below the steps to follow.

How to become a financial advisor

Let’s look at what it takes to become a financial advisor…

1; Become passionate about it

Having a career as a financial advisor…,

The first step towards actualizing your financial advisor goal is to examine yourself. 

Give proper thought to your proposed plan, do you feel so zealous about it? You could help yourself by understanding your inner feelings.

The financial advisor career path is not at all a bed of roses but at the same time, 

It is not a difficult one. 

If what you feel inside is positive then it means you can handle it. 

You can also examine yourself by answering the questions below.

A; Can You Trust Yourself To Help Other People With Their Financial Problems In Terms Of Giving Wise Decisions?

To answer this question..,

As a financial advisor, you must be literate in financial matters and understand the concept of income and expenditure. 

Financial advisor

Try to analyze how it is possible for a client to manage their available income in solving personal problems without incurring debt.

B; Are You Good At Number Calculations And Networking While Reaching Out To Other People?

In answering the questions…

You must have the confidence that you can deal with figures easily and correctly even without the use of a device. 


You must be literate in technology management, using computers and other modern devices to interact and exchange information with professionals.

C; Can You Assure People To Confide In You And Trust You On Their Financial Issues?

A financial advisor must create the impression of “trust”…,

This can only be visible when you choose to be confidential in your interactions and conversations with the people you approach. 

Remember people will always monitor how you move and behave in public.  

D; Can You Maintain That Trust?

Even if you learn about confidentiality in the course of being a financial advisor, you must promise to maintain the act to retain the trust. 

If your clients eventually find your character trustworthy, you must assure yourself never to betray such trust.

2; Get a bachelor’s degree with a certificate

Batchelor's degree

Having a bachelor’s degree in financial advisory could be one major contribution towards attaining your goals. 

Now that you have agreed within yourself that, you can take up the position confidently and diligently, take the step of getting a certificate.

This certificate does not give a guarantee but represents evidence to back your ability. 


The task of taking the exam and answering questions from clients could make it demanding.


There is no panic about this; just as you have decided…

You can choose online courses from many universities. 

The full lists of programs are on the CFP (Certified Financial Planners) website. 

The bachelor’s degree program could earn you a certificate to include in your resume. 

It could also afford you a fundamental knowledge of who a financial advisor is.

3; Possess the necessary certificate and licenses

Certificate and awards

You might not just be awarded a certificate or license otherwise people would just assume the position. 

You need to work with small firms under an expert’s watchful eye. 

This expert could be in small independent films whereby they assign duties to monitor your performance to clients. 

Based on your service and specialization the finance professionals could ascertain what licenses and certifications you need. 


For instance…,

If you take interest in investment, there are licenses you may obtain and that is after passing certain exams as you work with those firms.

For instance…,

With the series 6 and series 7 license exams…,

With these licenses…,

Financial advisors could sell securities.

Although series 6 has a limited right to sell. 

Series 7 has a wider opportunity.  

Personal advisers usually obtain series 6 before obtaining serial 7. 

Other exams include serial 63, serial 65, and serial 66, it all depends on the individual’s choice.

4; Start being independent

Start practicing your career, it may not be a good advice for you to start right away and own a firm. 

It could be much more advisable if you could get yourself attached to an employer of a sizable firm.

That is…, A firm that focuses on financial advisor career service. 

The firm could be paying you while you build your profile, experience, and skill as you plan to launch your career.

5; Do you wish to advance further?

Maybe after working for a small or mid-size firm…

You would consider building your career as an entrepreneur.., Which may be the best decision ever. 

Being an independent financial advisor may require certain steps.

You will have to register with the SEC, RIA, or IAR. While your firm represents the RIA, you equally represent the IAR of your firm. 

You also need to undergo the required registration formalities, which are in line with the advisor’s Act of 1940.

Is this All you need to know?

There could be more to this: a financial advisor is an interesting career when you understand what role you need to play. 

Your clients will keep increasing in number because they know you can help them solve their financial problems.

You can become a financial advisor with more specialized skills as a financial planner. 

This will help you manage your client’s investment and financial portfolio

A good beginning is when you build passion and skill, then attend courses, take the exam, and get the certificate. 

This includes;

A; Chartered Financial Planner

With the required skill, on passing this course you will be awarded a certificate for building financial plans for clients. 

It includes Child’s education, investment planning, and future goals.

B; Chartered Financial Consultant

A certificate in financial consulting could help you access clients’ financial issues as regards their financial goals which are…

  • Payment of tax
  • Their income
  • Expenses activities


C; Chartered Financial Analyst

A course in this could help you access the sales and purchase of securities for clients. 

On completion of the exam, you become a certified professional with authority from the CAF institute.

D; Registered Investment Advisor

These companies help clients make decisions on investment plans. 

You can register with this company and build up your portfolio as a financial advisor until you become an expert.

As a financial advisor, you could play the role of helping your clients make good investments that will aid their retirement age. 

On the other hand, build a legacy that will give them future financial freedom. 

Several stockbrokers deal in securities and are financial advisors, they can help a client choose the best investment.

Many people think that tax payment is a way of rubbing off their hard-earned money. A financial advisor could play the role of advising them on how to manage tax payments so that it will not affect their finances.


From this article, you have come to learn what is needed to become a financial advisor.

Apart from the main points which are …

  1. Become passionate about it
  2. Get a Batchelor’s degree with a certificate
  3. Possess the necessary certificate and licenses
  4. Start being independent
  5. Do you wish to advance further?

You have also come to learn about the award and certificate after you have build your skills…

And also…, After you have taken exams.

If you have anything to share regarding this article, you can use the comment box below.

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