How to Start Investing In Stocks with little money


To start investing in stocks means acquiring shares from a private or public limited liability company. Stocks are also shares that companies sell out to the public, which helps to generate revenue for the organization.

When you buy those shares, you become a co-owner and earn a profit called a dividend. Investing in stocks with little money might seem impossible but that is the first step for someone who is just starting.


Most times a beginner might wonder how much is needed to start investing in a stock. Well in everything there is always a first time. You do not need thousands of dollars; the most essential aspect is a complete literacy of how to go about it. Therefore, when considering the amount to start with, the first approach demands a small capital.

Now let us assume that among all the types of investment, you have a keen interest to start investing in stocks. Then looking at your present fund you have not saved much, follow the steps below to understand what you need to do.

Get some facts straight and clear

You need to make some investigations beforehand, which includes finding out how to purchase and sell stocks in the stock market and how to carry out your preferences.

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Hire an investment expert

Now some beginners in stock investing would rather prefer to hire an expert in investment management rather than engage in the stress of doing it on their own. A Robo-advisor may be one that could align with your little money budget.

The fees are usually low and they give a series of services that offer different options. They could help you invest according to how you specifically plan to start investing in the stock market.

They will carry out your plan from the beginning making sure to build a portfolio of your desired goals.

Do it on your own

If you decide to carry out the process on your own, then you will have to meet a stockbroker or approach one of the public companies who will sell to you.

Notwithstanding this, you must have done good research on the type of stock you want to buy. Remember we have two types of stocks common stock and preferred stock. Also, keep in mind how many units of shares you would like to purchase.

The simplest way to purchase stock is through an online stockbroker, but you will need to open a brokerage account. With this account, you can purchase, sell securities, and trade in other investments. You can contact those stockbrokers through their websites.

When you set up your account you also need to fund it, and then start picking your stock by placing an order through your stockbroker.

When you choose to buy stocks directly from one of the public limited liability companies, you will have to trade over the counter (OTC) but this can be risky as those companies are small and have free regulation guiding them. So the best option is to approach a stockbroker and get a business deal.

Understand the different types of stocks

You cannot think of investing in stocks without having a good knowledge of the different types of stocks. An understanding of this gives you the power and advantage to handle your goals effectively.


We have two main types of stocks the common stock, which most people generally prefer to invest in although it does not afford a fixed dividend and full ownership of the company. Then, the preferred stock gives the holder a fixed dividend and full ownership.  

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Make a budget for a long-term investment

It is not enough that you succeeded in building up little money to start investing in stock but also that you understand the type of stock that could help you invest for the long- term.

You do not have to limit your capital even if you are investing with little money, but as time goes on, you increase by adding more money to your brokerage account.

Again, veer for a company that will sustain stock prices and helps you build future wealth. You can research those companies online or through your broker’s platform.  But have it in mind that investing in stock is a long-term investment that demands budgeting an amount that you will not need within a short period.

Budget for diversification

You are indeed starting with little money but all the same, you still need to plan for diversification. This means that as you are investing in stocks you are also planning on how to invest in other stocks.

You can do this by investing in different other companies in which you can equally invest little money on them too. This is to enable you to withstand the occurrence of risk.

You can also diversify on other securities like mutual funds for example gives you the opportunity of buying those stocks in small pieces with little money.


Decide the number of shares to buy

Your start-up capital will determine the number of shares to buy If you want to start investing in stock with little money, it only means you will be buying a few units of shares.

First, get the stock’s current share price from your stockbroker’s website. Since you are having little money divide the amount with you by the stock’s current price then you will arrive at the number of shares to purchase.

With this, you now understand that you can buy and sell your sock even with little amount. You do not have to save up to a billion dollars before you can start. Go ahead and place an order with your broker according to your order type.

You could place a market order or a limit order but since you are investing from scratch with little money, you will like to place a limit order.

The limit order specifies at which price you are willing to buy. Since you are starting with little money, you can instruct your broker to buy when the price is less. Your broker will endeavor to buy at a lesser price so you could have a hand full of shares.

The bottom line

Since stocks are shares and those shares are sold in units, this could be very easy for someone with a low investment budget.

You could start with little money by buying one unit, which could cost you less. Although investing with little money also has its challenges in the aspect of diversification.

Again, if you are hiring a Robo-advisor or you are walking the process alone, you can still open the brokerage account with little money. The company shares have no specific price, you can spend from a few dollars to more dollars it depending on fluctuations in prices.

If you start with little money you could keep track with your broker when the price lessens then you could make a purchase. However, manage your stock portfolio by visiting and checking on your stock to keep a record of performance.