Why Should I Hire a Financial Advisor?


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When individuals get confused about financial matters that make them ask questions like “should I hire a financial advisor?” It becomes clear that their daily engagements such as business meetings, work protocol, and personal engagement have taken the best of their time.

In as much as personal finance deals with managing one’s financial activities, it may not be easy doing it yourself while carrying out other engagements.

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Should I Hire a Financial Advisor?

It all depends on the individual who is asking this question. For some people hiring a financial advisor may amount to spending some money they are not willing to part with.

However, those who understand the importance of engaging the service of an expert to monitor their financial affairs may decide not to count the cost.

In fact, employing a financial advisor will be a good step to take especially if you are not literate enough in personal finance matters.

Again, if you are confused about the state of your finances and feel that your monetary activities are running more on expenditure.

You are afraid you might run into a deficit and needed what next to do in other to keep your money on track. Then, the answer is a big “YES” you should hire a financial advisor.

Examination of conscience

If you are still wondering how far your knowledge of the financial matters could help you, while still asking yourself, “should I hire a financial advisor?” then, you need to ask yourself these questions.

1. Do you understand the investment and its various methods too well to undergo the process yourself? This is because managing your finances also includes investing in a plan that will bring more earnings.

2. Can you make out time to research and read about topics on finance and investment management?

3. Do you think you can manage your investment portfolio enough to minimize risk and establish profit?

4. Will you be available to grow your knowledge in the stock exchange market and know when the price of a stock fluctuates to suit your investment type?

5. Can you handle investment risk and know how to get back on track?

If the answer to the above questions is “no” then, you have every reason to hire a financial advisor.

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Reasons why you should hire a financial advisor

1. A financial advisor could educate you on matters concerning your personal finances. Although, there are many other ways you can get literate on personal finance matters.

You can gain knowledge by sourcing for personal finance websites and subscribing to their articles. You can research and find out more facts about investment and personal finance matters.


2. Hiring a personal finance advisor will seem the best odd out as you will speak with an expert in a face-to-face conversation. It will enhance your opportunity to ask questions and discuss freely with him or her.

3. A financial advisor could help you handle the difficult part of investing which normally occurs when the investor decides to sell stocks or other assets. If you understand the stock market price you may handle it yourself.

4. The dream of most investors is to take an investment plan that will prepare them for the future. Such will help them to keep achieving their goals while living independently on their investment.  A financial advisor could help you achieve this.

5. In financial management, planning is important, a financial advisor could help you build a financial plan that will guide you to make decisions on achieving your desired goals.

You can draw up a financial plan example with the help of your advisor who will also walk you through the process.  

6. If you run into debt and getting back on track becomes difficult, you might need a financial advisor to help you gain back your position.

Reasons you may decide not to hire a financial advisor

1. Hiring a financial advisor may not cost much but because you will have to spend a dime, you may not want to go through the odds.

2. You have undergone a course in financial management, although you may not have the degree you are literate in financial and investment matters.

3. You do not want to confide your personal financial matters to a second party because you do not trust them for secrecy.

4. Maybe you have reasoned that most advisors do not take interest in their client’s financial matters. Therefore, you decide to handle it yourself.

5. Having a bad experience or bad report about a particular financial advisor could make you lose interest in hiring one.

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The bottom line

If you have many assets and liabilities and you feel the need to take the accurate records and have a good knowledge of what revolves around your finances then you need the attention of a financial advisor.

Eevn when having complete knowledge of financial management, remember you may not be good at everything, at a point you may lack one or two pieces of knowledge that could help you.

However, if you are so bent on doing it alone then you must read, make research and if possible attend courses to help you out.  

You will have to seek information on debt management, revenue generation, making budgets, and managing risk.

Also, remember that with a good investment that gives much income, you are already living in financial freedom. Therefore, if your knowledge of investment is poor then you need an advisor to counsel and take you through.

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David Paul
March 8, 2023 7:45 pm

The article is okay. The article from my point of view, it helps when one is confused about his or her financial matters.

It also gives some few guides on when and when not to hire a financial advisor.

Thank for the article.

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