How to Become an Investor with No Money


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One significant way you could learn how to become an investor with no money is by rendering on behalf services for other investors

When you become an Investor, you may have access to financial security and debt-free situations but the status of an investor demands funds. For this reason, an individual may seek to know how to become an investor with no money.


Sometimes, people would wait until they gain capital before they could start up investment. Meanwhile, as they keep waiting, they may not realize that time is wasted.

Having an idea to start a particular investment without any, capital in existence does not mean your dreams are over.

You do not need to keep waiting for money; there are ways to become an investor with zero capital. What you need is the spirit and mindset of an investor.

investor with no money
You may ask; what then is the spirit and mindset of how to become an investor with no money

1. It is being able to find a solution rather than panic

2. It is placing your goal of investments on a long-term project and seeing it as an obstacle you want to overcome. Hence, you have no money at hand to start.

3. The fact you have no money, makes it a challenge therefore, confront it boldly.

4. It is having positive thoughts, and plans and applying different methods toward achieving goals.

5. It is refusing to quit when it gets tough because it definitely will get tough.

6. It means trying out solutions rather than dwelling on the negative.

7. It means pushing on even in the midst of failure

8. It means risk tolerance

9. It means applying different solutions while using a definite plan.

Become an Investor with zero capital

Fundamentally, being an investor demands getting started by choosing an investment option that aligns with your ideology.

You also need to choose an investment account to help facilitate your investment goals. Now the big question is how this investment can happen with no money. Keep reading to know how.

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1. Find your investment idea

When you want to become an investor, having an idea of what investment you want to start puts you on the track to victory.

Then having zero capital to invest is a problem that takes a gradual process to solve. There are different types of investment options available for an investor to choose from.

Get started by finding out those options and deciding on which among them best suits your idea. While finding out your investment choice also consider:

Risk: Every investment comes with risk, the more fund you dedicate the higher the chances of risk. Therefore, you need to understand the risk that associates with the investment option you choose

Profit: When making research and findings you might learn that a certain investment has higher rewards than others.


Do not rely on the huge profit, as there is no money yet but consider the fund and risk. As an investor with no money, it is best to start small and this means lower profit.

Diversification: As you find your investment choice also find other investments that have interrelated options. This will help you diversify easily.

For instance, if you choose to invest in selling landed properties also think of rentals. Although there is no money to start this does not mean you will not start because you need to start somewhere.

Funding: Funding usually poses to be the biggest challenge to an investor, but every huge investment started in a little way before growing.

Think of choosing an investment that requires little funds to start as this can help you build yours easily.

2. Locate people with the same investment idea

Some investors are already in the field long ago and understand too well, what it takes. These individuals already have experience in risk management and profit making.

Look for these sets of people and connect with them. You can find them in clubs or you can ask around – How to find investors for your start-up.

When you connect, ask questions and join in discussions. Make friends and relate closely with them, they can be your mentor as well as your advisors.

3. Learn what it takes to be an expert in your investment type

Verify from those experts how they started, they may tell you that they started with a little amount of money. Now the difference is that you have no money but you want to be an investor. 

At this point, the secret is knowledge and being familiar with your investment type. Keep relating with them and grab enough knowledge of how to start investing.

At this stage, do not ask for funding assistance, as you are not ready for a loan.

How to Become an Investor with No Money

4. Render on-behalf services

When you are fully equipped with the knowledge and understand what it means to be an investor then take the next stage. Start working for other investors, you can choose to be an agent or a broker acting as an intermediary.

You can charge your clients commission for services and with this start saving up for your investment. At this stage, your focus could be mostly on creating good relationships with both investors and customers. Doing this will fetch you more money for your start-up.

5. Make and grow connections

Do not relax yet because you still have to push on. The connections you already have may not give you the route to success, therefore you need to make and grow more connections.

Build online connections through social media and forums. Keep constant communication that builds trust and gives them every reason to understand your ability.

Seek charity fund

When you start thinking of starting your investment and maybe you have not saved enough capital. You can seek assistance from your boss’s investment.

They will be willing to help seeing how industrious and determined you are. They may not give massive assistance but will be ready to support you on the available capital you have.

Seek for loan

On the other hand, you may decide to get a loan, with the rich knowledge you already have about the investment. You are very sure of risk management and how you can make good investments.

With the level of connections and relationships you have built so far, you can build your success.


Remember every success story started somewhere and in a little way so, what matters most is the fundamental knowledge and expertise. You can be an investor with zero capital if you develop the mindset and the vision.

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